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​For Families, Couples, Solo travelers, Professors and Travel Agents

1. Private Guided Tour in Paris

My private guided tour combine the ease of trained guide, the familiarity of a local Parisian with the expertise in European Art History.

I’ll will meet you in a convenient place, and then we’ll walk along a route that I’ve developed just for you or along one of my classic tours, if those sound like what you’re looking for.

Every guided tour is customized to your party.

We’ll move at your pace, dwell on the subjects that appeal to you, and find food, events, and conversation that enrich your journey and make the trip as memorable as it can be.

2. One hour conversation by Zoom with a Guide

Every truly excellent tour, I believe, begins weeks or months in advance.

We’ll start with a conversation by whatsapp or Zoom: what brings you to Paris, what you’ve heard and what you’ve wondered, how much you know (and want to know!) about the city’s long and colorful past.

Once I have a sense of the logistics and of your interests, we’ll come up with a plan.

Every trip is difficult to plan, but tapping into the knowledge of Pascal or Flora for one hour will make everything easier.

You can save hours of searching and looking for hidden gems adapted to your party. 

For those who prefer to explore the city unaccompanied, we can offer our expertise in advance.

One option is to review your itinerary by email and make suggestions – perhaps the attractions should be seen in a different order, or you should plan more time for a particular visit, or a small detour might bring you somewhere you weren’t aware of.

Another option is to work with me to develop a detailed itinerary for your dream trip, listing out all the choices and helping you prioritize experiences that will be most valuable to you. Either way, I’ll be able to book the tickets online with my company ID, letting you skip the standard lines.

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3. Live-Streaming remote tour / Video

We have all had to adapt and adjust our working lives over the pandemic years, and in our case that has meant offering tours remotely.


I use Zoom to stream live video of specially designed walking tour routes with 4G/5G uninterrupted internet, offering historical and cultural commentary, sharing stories, and answering your questions as we go. I’ll show you the highlights of a trip you might not be able to make in person.


The virtual tours work with one person or with fifty; it’s just a question of linking up our Zoom/whatsapp accounts and deciding what you want to see. If you’d prefer, I can even skip the walking tour and deliver a personalized video presentation instead, explaining a fun or interesting subject of your choice.

Flore gurrey Flora Goldenberg Private tours booking in Paris

4. Agent and Travel Professional planning a private tour for a client:

Paris still attracts visitors from all over the world. During 2023, Paris is hosting exciting exhibits and Art shows around dazzling topics such as Ancient Egypt, Gold, Women, Modern Art from NYC and more surprises.

But, above all, Paris is a timeless tapestry of squares, canals, and cobbled streets woven around bright gems of color: fountains, gardens, restaurants as old as empires and museums that hold the memory of entire peoples. There is no route or map that shows you the city’s soul; it is something that must be discovered for each visitor on their own terms.

As we walk together through Paris’ boulevards and take in its many distinct atmospheres, its grandest sights, and its endless fascinations, you will come to know it in your own way.

If we share the same passion for Paris and its Art, if you are looking for Quality and professional tour guide services with unique & exclusive Art tours, a private experience in Paris, you are in the right place.

Feel Free to contact me privately by email with a fully detailed request to use my services or to get in touch for a future mission by subscribing to my exclusive monthly newsletter.


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