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Itinerary 1

The city highlights during five days

Arrival during the weekend.

Rest before the first day of touring.

Day 1

9.30 am

I suggest starting with a walking tour as an introduction to Paris.

We can walk a little bit around your hotel and then go to the Left Bank of the city, the City islands where Paris was first built, talk about Paris history and the life of Parisians.

I will give you orientations about the city.

12 pm

We can have a lunch in a recommended restaurant located on ile de la Cité, with healthy French food and a perfect ambiance for a luch with your family.

13 pm

Continue to see the St-Chapelle or Conciergerie or both, depending on your energy levels.

Walk to the beautiful Pont Neuf and see la Place Dauphine.



9.30 am

Go to the Louvre. Take 2h to visit the palace of the Louvre and see the Art Masterpieces.

11.30 am

Sit in a nice Café terrasse next to Tuilleries gardens in front of the Louvre Museum.

13 pm

Walk to Champs Elysées and see la Concorde and finish at Arch of Triumph.


Day 3

10 am Café Flore for breakfast. Don't eat too much !

11 am Go on a market tour in the same area and taste the local and gourmet food. Hear some explanations about French cuisine and our food Market culture. See the Roman History of Paris in the Latin quarter.

12.30 pm Lunch at the local market in a restaurant offering daily fresh menus.

2 pm Take the metro to Montmartre and see the church of Sacré Coeur.



9 am

We go to Versailles Palace by train and we can do a half day tour in Versailles.

12 pm

Finish at Versailles. Take the Train back to Paris.

1 pm

Back to Paris, go to le Marais, where to eat lunch in a true Parisian Bistrot. I recommend "les Philosophes".

Then go see la Place des Vosges in le Marais with a nice quarter tour.



9 am

Go see the Eiffel Tower on the last day. Take the elevator to the top, enjoy the view, remember your best places and take some souvenir pictures.

12 pm

Lunch in the bistro next to Eiffel Tower.

2 pm

Go shopping for gitst in the recently renovated beautiful Parisian department stores: The New La Samaritaine, or le Printemps store, or Galeries Lafayette.

This city highlights can be programmed with a tour guide.

Many Art tours can be customized with your wishes.

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