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Our Catalog
of all the Private guided tours in Paris

You will find here a complete catalog of the possible guided tours that you can do in Private with a certified tour guide in Paris.

Private Walking Tour

  1. City Highlights

  2. City History Walking tour

Private Museum Tour

  1. Louvre highlights & Masterpieces - 2h 

  2. Musée D'Orsay guided tour - 2h

  3. Musée de L'Orangerie - 1h30

  4. Pompidou Museum - 2h

  5. Musée de L'Armée - 2h

  6. Private tour at the Sainte Chapelle* & Conciergerie

  7. Visit the Palace of Versailles from Paris :

    1. Versailles Highlights - Half Day to Full Day​

    2. Le Petit Apartment du Roi - The King living quarters - 1.5 hours (VIP)

    3. Full Versailles - 2 Days

Art tour in Paris

  1. Combo tour Louvre & Orsay - 4h - Possible only on Wednesdays or Thursdays or Fridays.

  2. Combo tour Orsay & Orangerie - 4h - Possible only on Wednesdays or Thursdays or Fridays.

  3. Meet Monet in all Paris Museums - 3 half days - Combo Musée D'Orsay + L'Orangerie - Visit to Musée Marmottan - trip to Giverny to see his Gardens and his Atelier House.

  4. Understand Picasso's Art in Picasso National Museum in le Marais (soon to host Pompidou's Art collection)

  5. Visit Rodin museum with a specialized tour guide.

  6. Impressionism and Expressionism tour : Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Pissaro, Cezane, Signac, Munch.

  7. Attend a Visual Art show in Louis Vitton or Maison Dior 

  8. A well-prepared guided tour during a temporary exhibit * in the National museum : Louvre or musée D'Orsay or Versailles museum or Musée de l'Orangerie. Booking must be made in advance

Quarter walking tour in Paris

  1. Walking tour in the Latin Quarter - 2h

  2. Walking tour in Le Marais - 3h

  3. Montmartre tour - Half day

  4. The beautiful Cemetery of Pere Lachaise - 2h

Monuments of Paris on a private guided tour

  1. Private Bike Tour of Paris - Half day - Around the Seine, Latin quarter, Eiffel tower to Le Marais

  2. Private Car Tour Paris - 4h - all monuments and landmarks with a private chauffeur (the driver service is extra)

  3. The Complete Walking tour to see all the monuments - Metro and Walking - Full Day 

Behind-the-scenes guided tour

  1. Meet with a Chocolate Artisan in a small Lab in central Paris, le Sentier quarter.

  2. See how we make French bread inside a famous bakery in le Marais.

  3. Visit a preserved workshop & artist studio from the 19th Century in Bastille.

  4. Visit a private Orthodox Synagogue of Paris. Meet with a Jewish museum curator or a Rabbi from Paris.

Wine and Gourmet private tasting tour

  1. Visit a local Parisian food market with translation and explanations. Discover the secrets of Cheese, the French Bread, the Natural Wine, the making of the Macarons and many more.

  2. Champagne tasting & a quick wine class (1 hour) under the beautiful covered passage preserved from the 19th Century. Discover the life of the Parisiennes during La Belle Epoque.

  3. Private wine and cheese tastings with Natural wine made in a secret location in Montmartre, Paris - with an expert American colleague.

Special tour in Paris

  1. History of Medicine tour of Paris - 2h

  2. Music & Ballet & Opera Garnier - 2h

  3. History of Fashion in Versailles or Paris Rivoli - 2h

  4. Street art & fresco explained in Paris with a trusted partner guide during a walk in Montmartre, Belleville or le Marais.

Learn more about Paris History

  1. Canavalet Museum of Paris History

  2. Follow Napoleon's footsteps in Paris, taste in Art, his architecture, his monuments - 2h

  3. The French Revolution - 2h to 3h

  4. The World War II tour : The Liberation of Paris Museums, The German Occupation, The Shoah Memorial, the French Resistance and we finish with the Allied Liberation. 

  5. All the above in a combined summary tour.

Visit a Chateau

  1. Fontainebleau

  2. Chambord

  3. Vaux-le-Vicompte

Our top Day trips

  1. Normandy and its allied beaches

  2. Champagne region and its wineries, a local lunch, champagne tastings and process explanation 

  3. Loire Valley and its castles

  4. La Roche Guyon roundtrip

What are the classic tours of Paris?

The classic tours in Paris are the most popular visits, walks and experiences that a first-time visitor to Paris can take to discover the city highlights and acquire basic understanding of Paris Art and History. The travelers can book a collection of high-end experiences and refined visits, walking tours, museum tours, gourmet tours which will allow them to enjoy more of the trip on their own. The tours inside the national monuments or national museums are only possible with a licensed tour guide.

1 - Visit the Louvre and D'Orsay Museums

The Musée du Louvre was not originally a museum. It was a fortress that was built in 1190. In the 16th century, it was turned from a fortress into a royal palace. It was only in 1793, after the French Monarchy moved to the Palace of Versailles, that the first Louvre museum was opened to the public, and offered just 537 paintings. Today, the Louvre is the biggest and one of the greatest museums in the world.
I invite you to discover some of the masterpieces of the Louvre. From the great Sphinx of Egypt, and the Greek sculptures like the Venus of Milo or the Winged Victory, we’ll also take you through the Italian department of paintings. You’ll of course learn about all the great mysteries of the Mona Lisa, and you’ll also see the biggest painting in the Louvre, the Wedding in Cana.
Learn about French History too, by discovering the famous painting “The Liberty guiding the people” by Delacroix, or “the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte”.
Maximum 6 people for each private tour  & only possible as a private tour.

I can purchase the timed tickets for you in advance.

The fee is 17€ per person, free under 18 years old.

Here is the link to look if the tickets are available.

The Louvre can be combined with a tour of Musée D'orsay :

The Orsay Museum has a magnificent building, built in 1900, at the turn of the century, as a train station. Its metallic modern structure , that might remind you of the Eiffel Tower, represents very well the industrial era, when the avant garde was born in art.

A bunch of artists are the mirror of the changes that occurred in life and art in the second part and end of the 19th century. Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro or Degas will change the rules of art, and create a new style in painting, soon followed by the sculptors like Carpeaux and Rodin.

These artists were considered very modern (or maybe too modern) for their time, and they’ll have to persist to be recognized in a world that was still afraid of change.Discover some of the masterpieces, among which : Whistler’s mother (by Whistler), Little dancer of fourteen years (by Degas), Bal du Moulin de la Galette (by Renoir), The poppy field near Argenteuil , and some Waterlilies (by Monet), as well as the great work of the expressionist artists, like Vincent Van Gogh, with one of its wonderful Starry night , the Bedroom in Arles, or one of his most famous Self-portrait. 

2 - Walk in the Latin Quarter

This tour is about the History of Paris. We will see the Island where Paris was built, the King's former palace, the Conciergerie Museum, Notre Dame (but we can't go inside after the fire accident), the Shakespeare & company bookstore, the Sorbonne University, the Pantheon, the Luxembourg gardens.

Along the way, we will talk about the history of Paris, the architecture of Haussmann that defines Paris, the "Roman's ear", the middle ages, and the reconstruction of Paris in the 19th century...

I will talk about the Parisians lifestyle, the schools, the meals, the café culture, the students' lives.

We will discover a beautiful quarter and the oldest area in Paris, and I will tell you some nice anecdotes along the way.

3 - Visit Versailles from Paris

The best of the French Styles (Rococo, Louis 15th Style, Baroque...)

In Versailles, you can have access to :

  • The Palace where the King and his court worked everyday

  • The Gardens and the fountains, the fountain show, the Orangerie

  • The Trianon : other small palaces in the Estate of Versailles

  • The King apartment : a private secluded area where the king used to live his private intimate life - the area is locked to general public and needs a special reservation 

Versailles is huge but it is one of the must-see monuments of Paris.

It is away from Paris - You can go by train RER or by UBER or a CAB. It is possible that I com to pick you up at your stay and then take you to Versailles for half day trip, or a full day trip, depending on your energy level and your agenda.

The half Day option:
If you do the half day tour in Versailles, it is possible to leave the hotel around 9.30am and be back in Paris for lunch around 1pm.

We will visit the chateau, including the Chapel, the King’s and Queen’s apartments and the Hall or Mirrors.
For a full day Option:

you can also visit the small Palace of Marie Antoinette in the afternoon, and her beautiful gardens and hamlets.

It is possible to walk through the gardens, to rent golf cards or bicycles. If you have a driver + van, the driver can take you to see more places inside the immense Palace gardens.

*The train is worth taking only for a full day, not a half day, because it takes much more waiting time, switching, and more hassle than the car or Uber.

I can also recommend for you a nice driver for Versailles & his safe & comfortable Mercedes car & my colleague tour guide who happens to be the specialist of Versailles history and life. It is her life passion !

4 - Paris monuments by bike, by metro or by car

I will rent comfortable bikes + helmets + vests and take you on a safe biking journey on the small streets of Paris.

The bikes are electric. We will follow a classic and easy circuit in Paris Center, departing from le Marais.

We will bike around the main monuments of Paris with safe stops along the way to get closer to the monuments. We will see and understand Paris central islands, Île de la Cité and Ile Saint Louis, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Latin Quarter with the Pantheon, the Sorbonne University and the Roman baths... We can bike on the famous avenue of the Champs-Elysées, on the bridge of Alexander IIIrd, next to the Grand Palais and the Arch of Triumph. We will see the pyramid of the Louvre, the Invalides (Napoleon's tomb) and last but not least: the Eiffel Tower.
You will hear the stories and learn about the history of Paris, through many centuries, from the Roman's times, the middle ages, the French Revolution, WWII and until today.

You can discover the Highlights of Paris old architecture and Haussmann renovations, the different neighborhoods, as well as its monuments, churches and museums.
The city offers very safe and manageable separate bike lanes.

It is possible to customize my private bike tour if you want to see some monuments more than others, or we can lock the bikes at some point if you want to do a quick walking tour inside a museum or a monument, or stop for a good coffee or a boutique, or a Parisian hot chocolate.

* The only place where we can't go on bikes is Montmartre because it is too hilly and steep. 

5 -Montmarte walking tour

My Montmartre walking tour starts at the Moulin Rouge, where the fortifications around Paris used to be.

Discover the lively cabaret, where the French Cancan inspired the greatest artists.

Then you’ll start walking through the old streets of the village of Montmartre, discovering some of the places where famous artists used to live, such Van Gogh,Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec or Renoir for example.

You'll walk by the cute painters square, where the bohemian lifestyle of Montmartre still remains. On the way, you'll learn more about the old village of Montmartre, discover its windmills and old vineyard. The tour ends with a visit to the basilica of the Sacré Coeur.

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 Call hours

Let's schedule a talk to review your itinerary by phone or by video call during these hours: 


Mon - Fri : 9am - 9pm

Sat: Not available

Sun: 3pm - 9pm

Talk to you soon.

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Direct Email

About my private tour services in Paris

  1. Send me an email with your detailed request and I will send you our services proposal.

  2. Every tour is unique and private. You will be in direct contact with a guide.

  3. The service of buying the right tickets at the right time is 3%. I can use my company ID to buy the tickets or a group reservation. For all National Museums & Monuments in Paris region, we can get a skip the waiting line option.

  4. Planning is included : When you book a tour with me, I will be your private tour guide, therefor you will have access to all my knowledge and my experience by email and by phone. Feel free to ask questions about Paris when planning your trip. I will be happy to advise you.

  5. For agents : I offer a newsletter for travel agents as well as private services including planning and organizing a package of the best private tours in Paris with an excellent team of hand-picked experienced tour guides. Our services can be customized for private clients, such as a family or a couple. The agent will get a follow-up and feedback from the guide. More details about our partnership by email.

  6. For a group of 24 persons max : The guide will be in charge of your group reservation at the museum. The guide will come with the proper headsets. 

  7. My Art Exhibit guided tour can be adapted for your objectives : It can be aimed for an artistic inspiration or just for the pleasure of learning more about Art. We will prepare everything in advance for you.

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