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Our Catalog
of all the Private guided tours
that we offer in Paris

You will find here a complete catalog of the private guided tours that you could enjoy with a certified tour guide in Paris.

Private Walking Tour

  1. Classic immersion into the City of Lights : discovering Paris on foot like a true Parisian

  2. Paris History From the Roman Empire to Middle Ages and French Revolution : History Walking tour ⭷

Private Museum Tour

  1. Louvre Masterpieces tour ⭷ - 3h

  2. Musée d'Orsay private tour ⭷ - 2h

  3. Musée de L'Orangerie private tour ⭷ - 1h.30

  4. Pompidou Museum private tour ⭷ - 2h

  5. Musée de L'Armée private tour ⭷ - 2h

  6. Private tour at the Sainte Chapelle ⭷ * & Conciergerie ⭷ - 2h

  7. Visit the Palace of Versailles from Paris :

    1. Versailles Highlights ⭷ - Half Day to Full Day​

    2. Le Petit Apartment du Roi ⭷ The King Living Quarters - 1.5 hours (VIP)

    3. Full Versailles ⭷ - 2 Days

Art tour in Paris

  1. Combo tour Louvre & Orsay - 4h - Possible only on Wednesdays or Thursdays or Fridays.

  2. Combo tour Orsay & Orangerie - 4h - Possible only on Wednesdays or Thursdays or Fridays.

  3. Meet Monet in all Paris Museums - 3 half days - Combo Musée D'Orsay + L'Orangerie - Visit to Musée Marmottan - trip to Giverny to see his Gardens and his Atelier House.

  4. Understand Picasso's Art in Picasso National Museum in le Marais (soon to host Pompidou's Art collection)

  5. Visit Rodin museum with a specialized tour guide.

  6. Impressionism and Expressionism tour : Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Pissaro, Cezane, Signac, Munch.

  7. Attend a Visual Art show in Louis Vitton or Maison Dior 

  8. A well-prepared guided tour during a temporary exhibit * in the National museum : Louvre or musée D'Orsay or Versailles museum or Musée de l'Orangerie. Booking must be made in advance

Quarter walking tour in Paris

  1. Walking tour in the Latin Quarter - 2h

  2. Walking tour in Le Marais - 3h

  3. Montmartre tour - Half day

  4. The beautiful Cemetery of Pere Lachaise ⭷ - 2h

Monuments of Paris on a private guided tour

  1. Private Bike Tour of Paris - Half day - Around the Seine, Latin quarter, Eiffel tower to Le Marais

  2. Private Car Tour Paris - 4h - all monuments and landmarks with a private chauffeur (the driver service is extra)

  3. The Complete Walking tour to see all the monuments - Metro and Walking - Full Day 

Behind-the-scenes guided tour

  1. Meet with a Chocolate Artisan in a small Lab in central Paris, le Sentier quarter.

  2. See how we make French bread inside a famous bakery in le Marais.

  3. Visit a preserved workshop & artist studio from the 19th Century in Bastille.

  4. Visit a private Orthodox Synagogue of Paris. Meet with a Jewish museum curator or a Rabbi from Paris.

Wine and Gourmet private tasting tour

  1. Visit a local Parisian food market with translation and explanations. Discover the secrets of Cheese, the French Bread, the Natural Wine, the making of the Macarons and many more.

  2. Covered passages Champagne Class : Champagne tasting & a quick wine class (1 hour) under the beautiful covered passage preserved from the 19th Century. Discover the life of the Parisiennes during La Belle Epoque.

  3. Secret Location Wine tour : Exclusive Natural Wine and Cheese tastings with an American Expert in Montmartre

  4. Le Marais Food Tour with Pascal : Visit a traditional Chocolate Lab, small Family-owned foodies boutiques, taste French specialities, the French Pastries, the finest local Cheese and the best Charcuterie in Paris.

Special tour in Paris

  1. History of Medicine tour of Paris - 2h

  2. Opera Garnier Private tour - 2h

  3. History of Fashion in Paris Rivoli - 2h

  4. Dress Code in Versailles - 1h.30

  5. Street Art & wall frescos explained in Paris with a trusted partner guide during a walk in Montmartre, Belleville or le Marais.

Learn more about Paris History

  1. Canavalet Museum of Paris History

  2. Follow Napoleon's footsteps in Paris, taste in Art, his architecture, his monuments - 2h

  3. The French Revolution - 2h to 3h

  4. The World War II tour : The Liberation of Paris Museums, The German Occupation, The Shoah Memorial, the French Resistance and we finish with the Allied Liberation. 

  5. All the above in a combined summary tour.

Visit a Chateau

  1. Fontainebleau

  2. Chambord

  3. Vaux-le-Vicompte

Our top Day trips

  1. Normandy and its allied beaches

  2. Champagne region and its wineries, a local lunch, champagne tastings and process explanation 

  3. Loire Valley and its castles

  4. La Roche Guyon roundtrip

About my private tour services in Paris

  1. Send me an email with your detailed request and I will send you our services proposal.

  2. Every tour is unique and private.

  3. You will be in direct contact with the private guide. An email or text is sufficient. No additional steps are needed.

  4. I will provide the service of buying the right tickets at the right time. I can use my company ID to buy the tickets or make a group reservation if your party exceeds 6 persons. For most of National Museums & Monuments in Paris region,I can get you to skip the waiting line, whenever this is possible.

  5. Planning is included : When you book a tour with me, I will keep an eye on the opening hours, the local holidays and the timings. As your private tour guide, you will have access in advance to all my experience and knowledge by email and by phone. Feel free to ask as many questions about Paris when planning your trip. I will be happy to advise you.

  6. For Agents : I offer a professional newsletter for travel agents as well as private guiding services for you and your clients in Paris, including planning and a test run of our best private tours in Paris with an excellent team of hand-picked experienced tour guides in my professional network. Our services can be customized for private clients, such as a family or a couple. The agent will get a follow-up and feedback from the guide. More details about our partnership by email.

  7. I also offer Art Exhibit guided tours depending on the cultural events in Paris during your trip. The tour can be adapted for your objectives : It can be aimed for an artistic inspiration or just for the pleasure of learning more about Art History. We will prepare everything in advance for you.

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