My Catalog of tours in Paris

You will find here my complete catalog of the possible tours to do with a certified tour guide in Paris.

What are the classic Tours in Paris?

The classic tours in Paris are the most popular visits, walks and experiences that a first-time visitor to Paris can take to discover the city highlights.

The travelers book in advance a collection of high-end experiences and refined visits in a form of walking tours, museum tours, or tasting tours to acquire a basic understanding of Paris city which will allow to enjoy more of the trip on their own.

Many of these classic tours and monuments or national museums are only  possible with a licensed and qualified tour guide in Paris.

Below, I will describe my best tours in Paris.

Let's start by the Classic tours.

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Visit the Louvre Museum

Classic tour

The Musée du Louvre was not originally a museum. It was a fortress that was built in 1190.

In the 16th century, it was turned from a fortress into a royal palace. It was only in 1793, after the French Monarchy moved to the Palace of Versailles, that the first Louvre museum was opened to the public, and offered just 537 paintings.

Today, the Louvre is the biggest and one of the greatest museums in the world.

I invite you to discover some of the masterpieces of the Louvre. From the great Sphinx of Egypt, and the Greek sculptures like the Venus of Milo or the Winged Victory, we’ll also take you through the Italian department of paintings. You’ll of course learn about all the great mysteries of the Mona Lisa, and you’ll also see the biggest painting in the Louvre, the Wedding in Cana.
Learn about French History too, by discovering the famous painting “The Liberty guiding the people” by Delacroix, or “the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte”.

Maximum 6 people for each private tour.

Only possible as a private tour.

I can purchase the timed tickets for you in advance.

The fee is 17€ per person, free under 18 years old.

Here is the link to look if the tickets are available:

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Walk in the Latin Quarter

History of Paris on a Classic Walking tour

This tour is about the History of Paris. We will see the Island where Paris was built, the King's former palace, the Conciergerie Museum, Notre Dame (but we can't go inside after the fire accident), the Shakespeare & company bookstore, the Sorbonne University, the Pantheon, the Luxembourg gardens.

Along the way, we will talk about the history of Paris, the architecture of Haussmann that defines Paris, the "Roman's ear", the middle ages, and the reconstruction of Paris in the 19th century...

I will talk about the Parisians lifestyle, the schools, the meals, the café culture, the students' lives.

We will discover a beautiful quarter and the oldest area in Paris, and I will tell you some nice anecdotes along the way.

Image by Brandy Willetts

Visit Versailles

The Classic Versailles Tour

Versailles is a must see in Paris with its infinite art works, extravagant style, green landscapes and beautiful estates with dazzling decorations, this palace has been the center of the main political power in France and in Europe.

It is possible to organize a half day trip, or a full day to Versailles.
The half Day option:
If you do the half day tour in Versailles, it is possible to leave the hotel around 9.30am and be back in Paris for lunch around 1pm.

We will visit the chateau, including the Chapel, the King’s and Queen’s apartments and the Hall or Mirrors.
For a full day Option:

you can also visit the small Palace of Marie Antoinette in the afternoon, and her beautiful gardens and hamlets.

It is possible to walk through the gardens, to rent golf cards or bicycles. If you have a driver + van, the driver can take you to see more places inside the immense Palace gardens.

I recommend you in Paris a nice driver + safe Car + Guide to go see the Palace of Versailles which is located outside of Paris City, nearly 40 minutes away.

The train is worth taking only for a full day, not a half day, because it takes much more time than the car, or Uber.

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Paris by Bike

Safe circuit in Paris Center + comfortable bikes + helmets

We can rent bikes and helmets.

We will go around the main monuments of Paris, with stops along the way.
This tour includes the most famous monuments and areas in Paris such as : Paris central islands, Île de la Cité and Ile Saint Louis, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Latin Quarter with the Pantheon, the Sorbonne University and the Roman baths.

We will bike on the famous avenue of the Champs-Elysées, on the bridge of Alexander IIIrd, next to the Grand Palais and the Arch of Triumph.

We will see the pyramid of the Louvre, the Invalides (Napoleon's tomb) and last but not least: the Eiffel Tower.
You will hear the stories and learn about the history of Paris, through many centuries, from the Roman's times, the middle ages, the French Revolution, WWII and until today.

You can discover the Highlights of Paris old architecture and neighborhoods, as well as its monuments, churches and museums.

The city offers very safe and manageable separate bike lanes. It is possible to customize the bike tour if you want to see some monuments more than others, or we can lock the bikes at some point if you want to do a quick tour inside a museum or a monument, or stop for a good coffee or Parisian hot chocolate.

The only place where we can't go on bikes is Montmartre because it is too hilly and steep. 

D'orsay Museum

D'orsay Museum Visit

Classic Tour about Art and Impressionism

The Orsay Museum has a magnificent building, built in 1900, at the turn of the century, as a train station. Its metallic modern structure , that might remind you of the Eiffel Tower, represents very well the industrial era, when the avant garde was born in art.
A bunch of artists are the mirror of the changes that occurred in life and art in the second part and end of the 19th century. Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro or Degas will change the rules of art, and create a new style in painting, soon followed by the sculptors like Carpeaux and Rodin.
These artists were considered very modern (or maybe too modern) for their time, and they’ll have to persist to be recognized in a world that was still afraid of change.
Discover some of the masterpieces, among which : Whistler’s mother (by Whistler), Little dancer of fourteen years (by Degas), Bal du Moulin de la Galette (by Renoir), The poppy field near Argenteuil , and some Waterlilies (by Monet), as well as the great work of the expressionist artists, like Vincent Van Gogh, with one of its wonderful Starry night , the Bedroom in Arles, or one of his most famous Self-portrait. 


Walk in Montmartre

Classic walking tour

My Montmartre walking tour starts at the Moulin Rouge, where the fortifications around Paris used to be.

Discover the lively cabaret, where the French Cancan inspired the greatest artists.

Then you’ll start walking through the old streets of the village of Montmartre, discovering some of the places where famous artists used to live, such Van Gogh,Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec or Renoir for example.

You'll walk by the cute painters square, where the bohemian lifestyle of Montmartre still remains. On the way, you'll learn more about the old village of Montmartre, discover its windmills and old vineyard. The tour ends with a visit to the basilica of the Sacré Coeur.

Book here for a gourmet wine and cheese tastings in Clos Montmartre.

For travel agents, please download my PDF catalog of all my tours in Paris + my B2B services


I can help you make an itinerary just for you.
Here is my recommendation to see everything in 5 days.


Day 1

9.30 am

I suggest starting with a walking tour as an introduction to Paris.

We can walk a little bit around your hotel and then go to the Left Bank of the city, the City islands where Paris was first built, talk about Paris history and the life of Parisians.

I will give you orientations about the city.

12 pm

We can have a lunch in a recommended restaurant located on ile de la Cité.

13 pm

Continue to see the St Chapelle or Conciergerie.

Walk to the beautiful Pont Neuf and see la Place Dauphine.



9.30 am

Go to the Louvre. Take 2h to visit the palace of the Louvre and see the Art Masterpieces.

11.30 am

Sit in a nice Café Place next to Tuilleries gardens in front of the Louvre Museum.

13 pm

Walk to Champs Elysées and see la Concorde and finish at Art de Triumph.


Day 3

10 am Café Flore for breakfast.

11 am Go on a market tour and taste the local and gourmet food. Get some explanations about French cuisine and our café culture.

12.30 pm Lunch at the local market in a restaurant offering new fresh menus.

2 pm Take the metro to Montmartre and see the church of Sacré Coeur.



9 am

We can do a half day tour in Versailles.

12 pm

Finish at Versailles. Take the Train back to Paris.

1 pm

Back to Paris, go to le Marais, where to eat lunch in a true Parisian Bistrot. I recommend "les Philosophes".

Then go see la Place des Vosges.



9 am

Go see the Eiffel Tower on the last day. Take the elevator to the top, enjoy the view, remember your best places and take some souvenir pictures.

12 pm

Lunch in the bistro next to Eiffel Tower.

2 pm

Go shopping in the renovated beautiful Parisian department stores: 

The New La Samaritaine, or le Printemps store, or Galeries Lafayette ...

This program can be customized. Please get in touch for more details.

The Unique tours in Paris

Paris has many secrets. 
Join me on an exciting tour to experience a new adventure in Paris, away from the crowds.

Discover Paris Covered Passages

Belle Epoque

Visit with me the Palais Royal, the hidden covered passages and the department stores, including a visit to the Opera Garnier.

19th century walking tour of Paris:

Housing cafés, theaters, shops and apartments, the arcades of Palais Royal during the 17th century became a meeting place for people from all walks of life.  But what was hidden behind those façades?  The cafes saw pre-revolutionary plotting and the Palais Royal became known as a hotbed of  gambling dens and prostitution.  Today the gardens are one of Paris' most elegant and tranquil spots.  Many shops under the arcades sell prints and antiques and still maintain their old world ambiance.  

This walk takes you through tiny streets leading to the charming glass-roofed galleries and enchanting passages that weave their way through Paris’ boulevards.  These galleries were built during the early part of the 19th century and hailed the beginnings of a new type of shopping in Paris.

We will continue the walk into one of Paris’ most lively areas, where the famous department stores opened in the mid 18 hundreds. These new temples for shopping soon became the new places where to find the best deals ! 

As Paris was being rebuilt almost entirely, a new opera house was born in the heart of the "new" Paris of Haussman. We will take this tour to the Opera Garnier, a jewel of Paris' architecture.

The fee for the half day tour is 390€ (total price, not per person)

Learn about Paris Street Art


The Belleville tour is a great option.

Belleville is an old village, built on a hill, where young hipsters liked to escape for the weekend. The old village became a full part of Paris only in the 1860’s.

This is a place of immigration, where artists settled along with the best artisans of Paris. A large part of the immigration is the Jewish population from North Africa, who arrived in the 1960’s.

Today, home to foreigners, expats and artists, Belleville is a neighborhood full of charm, and Street Art everywhere.

Discover the art of more than 250 artists, members of the association of Artistic Belleville:  Photography, paste up, ceramics, paintings…

Just like a free open air museum ready to be explored at any time!

Walk about the Fashion History in Paris center


This tour happens in Paris center, next to Palais Royal and Place Vendome, where the first designers, Chanel, Poiret, and other famous couture brands started.
We will learn about the fashion history in France beginning by the queen of France: Marie Antoinette

Visit the Opera House

Music, Architecture, Hidden gem

We will visit the most beautiful Opera house in the world, built in 1861 at the heart of Paris.

This is an architectural wander, mixing decorative and acoustics techniques, during the 19th century, and made possible by the Architect Charles Garnier,

We will learn about the different rooms of the Opera house, the rotonde des Abonnés, the acoustics, the vault, the Grand staircases leading to the floors of the theater, the Bassin and many more wonderful rooms.

My specialty tours in Paris

You can book one of my specialty tours in Paris

Visit the Private apartments of the King of Versailles

We will visit the Louis XIV personal rooms.

These rooms are not open to any public. They are exclusive and they need to be booked in advance.

Also the visit needs to be with a licensed tour guide.

The rooms are designed and decorated with famous architects and designers with an amazing precision, creative hand techniques and mastery of Gold... in order to please the queen and to suit the special taste of the King.

We will see how beautiful are: his office, his cabinets, the dining rooms, the libraries, the scientific galleries, and the laboratories...

Let's explore the best preserved village of Paris historical center: Le Marais.

This is a must-see area and one of my specialty tours as I was born and raised in Le Marais, and this is where I live today.

You will explore le Marais with a native tour guide. We will hear stories and anecdotes, see 17th century mansions, go inside some boutiques, taste the food, get introduced to some hidden synagogues, thanks to my ties to the community...

Visit the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise

If you’re looking to explore something truly unique on a sunny day, take my Pere Lachaise Tour.

You’ll discover the hidden gem of Paris where all the famous figures are buried. The cemetery is very beautiful, full of trees and small cute gardens. You will hear surprising stories about Victor Hugo, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde... and leave feeling like a real local.

The themed tours in Paris

My themed tours evolve around one focus subject. We will give meaning to the unforgettable sights and the undiscovered corners.

Medicine tour of Paris

We will focus on the history and the evolution of medicine in Paris.

We will start with the general History of Paris at the Gardens Jardin des Plantes.

The gardens are still well preserved and even used today for research and study.

This is the main botanical garden in all France.

We will to the beautiful Latin Quarter to see the University area in the heart of Paris.

We will learn how medicine was very related to religion in the middle ages and how the the Parisian scientists managed to transform it.

We will navigate the city's historical hospital and have a peek inside the Hospital Dieu located at the very center of the city.

We will explore, see, and talk about the different Paris buildings architectures, and how the hospital architecture evolved to adapt to its new functions.

We will finish the visit with the Museum of Medicine History - available only on certain days - The museum is near the University.

PS: I can give you tips about the many places in Paris to seethe evolution of Medicine such as the Carnavalet museum or the Museum of Inventions

French Revolution walk in Paris

We’ll start this two-hour themed walk at Place de la Concorde which was the site of the public guillotine throughout most of the revolution. From here, you’ll learn about the National Assembly, the storming of Versailles, famous figureheads of the revolution such as Robespierre and Danton, as well as the ideologies that fueled and surrounded the Reign of Terror following the beheading of the King & Queen.  Then, walk through the Tuileries Gardens, by the Louvre, to learn about the incredible anecdotes of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's family when they were imprisoned in their own palace, and you'll understand better what happened during the flight to Varennes , when they tried to escape from France. The French Revolution, time for equality, will also see the birth of the Louvre Museum !Then walk to the Ile de la Cité, to visit the Conciergerie. This former prison, where the most famous inmate, Queen Marie Antoinette, spent the last days of her life. Discover her cell, as well as a series of items preserved from the revolution.

WWII Tour in Paris

Paris started preparing for war since 1939.

But, on June 14, 1940, Parisians awaken to the loudspeakers announcements that, on this evening, the German troops will enter and take their city...

The city is still marked by this brutal invasion.

We will walk the city to see how the occupation happened, and how the resistance was formed.

We will walk in Paris, hear many stories, see Paris during War, learn about the major events and see how all these events led to the liberation of Paris.

The Day trips from Paris

My day trips from Paris are possible with a private Driver + Van. We will depart from Paris.
Pick-up at your hotel.
Visit a place in France by car.
Go back to Paris by evening or by night.

Full day trip in the Loire Valley. Castles. Landscapes

Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte

It is a Renaissance-focused day trip that gets you to three of the most magnificent castles in the valley of the French kings.

Once in the Loire Valley, you can visit 3 chateaux.  You will visit the Château de Chenonceau and the Château de Chambord, two of the greatest castles of the Loire Valley. This dive into French history will be completed by a visit to the Clos Lucé castle, the emblematic place of the famous Leonardo da Vinci.

The Chateau de Chenonceau is a sumptuous royal residence nicknamed "The Ladies' Castle" because it was maintained and enriched by several female characters over the years. The exterior setting with the building seeming to emerge from the water gives a fairy tale dimension to the castle. I will tell you many stories and anecdotes about this castle and the importance of the female presence which testifies to the French art of living.

In Clos Lucé, you will discover the world of the famous Leonardo da Vinci.

Thenwe will take the road towards Chambord. As soon as you approach the castle, you will be amazed by the majesty of the building that rises before you. Its impressive architecture makes it the largest of the Loire castles. We will go through some of the castle's rooms and we will take the famous "double revolution staircase" to reach the large panoramic terrace. You will enjoy a superb view of the park. Built under the reign of François I with the participation of Leonardo da Vinci during the 16th century, a visit to the Loire Valley must include Chambord !

Take a seat in an air-conditioned vehicle, departing from the center of Paris at 7:15 am!

Château of Vaux Le Vicomte : about 1 hour drive from Paris, you can get there with your driver + van + guide. This palace is the one that inspired Versailles. Originally built by Louis XIV's finances minister, the king was jealous, and decided to hire the same team of architects, painters and landscape gardeners to build Versailles. Discover this wonderful Château, where you'll hear about many anecdotes about the king's and aristocrat's life. You can visit all the apartments, as well as the great kitchens.

One of the great mysteries of the French History, the story of the Man in the Iron Mask, can be explained at Vaux le Vicomte...

D-Day. Landing Beaches. Coastline. American Cemetery. German Bunkers

9 am. Pick-up at your hotel and go with a driver + car + guide to Normandy 
Discover the D-day amazing stories, see the landing beach and the American cemetery.


Exotic Flowers. Monet's life and paintings. Claude Monet's House and tower.


Giverny is not far from Paris, only 1 hour by car. We will go with a safe driver.

We will discover the beautiful flower gardens of Claude Monet's house.

Monet was inspired in his paintings by the landscapes and the gardens around him. His garden today has hundreds of different plants, trees, and exotic flowers imported from all corners of the globe.

Tasting of 3 different Champagnes. Cave visit. Tomb of Dom Perignon. Bistrot lunch.


We will go to the Champagne Region and visit three different houses. In each house we will learn about Champagne, the process of making, the taste, the bubbles, and why each Champagne is special.
We will take a lunch break in a country bistro, eat fresh local food and continue our visit to the village of Dom Perignon.
Go back to Paris before 6pm

Vincent van Gogh. Preserved Villages and castles. Green landscapes. Near Paris.

To visit the Auvers-sur-Oise region is to discover an open-air museum. Let's follow the footsteps of Van Gogh and soak up the atmosphere of this picturesque village.
You will discover the sites that inspired the painter: the Notre Dame de l'Assomption church, from the wheat fields to the crows…


Visits around Paris

My day trips from Paris are possible with a private Driver + Van. We will depart from Paris.
Pick-up at your hotel.
Back to Paris before 6pm.

Castle. Napoleon.


The Fontainebleau is an immense castle that is located outside of Paris, 1 hour away by car.

It has been the favorite hunting destination and vacation residence for many French kings.

Each king and Emperor built it and renovated it in accordance with their own particular taste over time which gave Fontainebleau a unique mix of beautiful architectural styles. 

The facets of today’s immense palace are as numerous as the number of the kings who inhabited it.

When Napoleon Bonaparte decided to make the Fontainebleau Castle his vacation home, he ordered the renovation of the Palace. Today, the castle showcases many artifacts from the amazing life of Napoleon.

We will go to the castle with a driver or by train. The visit can take up to 3 hours.

Go back to Paris and drop off at your hotel.

Learn about Napoleon’s Wife. See a Manor House.


Malmaison is located at the outskirts of Paris, only 35 minutes away by car from Paris center.

This peaceful town with many green landscapes is home to the Empress of France: Josephine.

Visit a preserved Manor House from the Napoleon's Era.

More ideas

Chantilly, Vincennes, Breteuil, Pierrefonds

We can see more castles in France.
Ask me by email to help you choose your destination according to the season, the weather, and of course your wishes and interests.

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