About Flora

Biography of a passionate guide

I was born in Paris, in the central neighborhood of Le Marais, to a mother who herself spent 25 years guiding tours around Paris. She helped me discover my passion for the city when I was very young, and I have been learning ever since.

Today, I aim to provide the best tour guide services for my guests in Paris.

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Professional & Accredited Guidance

After six years of graduate study and nine as a full-time professional guide, I have learned how to show every visitor the parts of Paris that resonate most with them.

Paris’ admirers, wanderers, and students of art and history have been keeping me company as I walk the city’s streets for close to a decade now, and it has been my great joy to show them the city where I live my life.

Actually, my love of French culture – from fashion to food to literature and architecture – brought me to La Sorbonne.

There, over the course of five years, I earned my Master’s degrees in both Western History and the History of Art.

Upon completion, I entered the Ministry of Culture’s prestigious program for becoming an accredited Guide Conferencier, a certification issued to fewer than 100 people every year that allows us to offer tours of the National Monuments – without waiting in the public lines.

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The information I share with my clients comes from years of dedicated study.

Studies of Art and History

Sorbonne Paris III

Studied Art and History at the Sobonne Paris III for more than 5 years.
Master Degree in History of Art. 
Studied Paris history, Architecture, Culture, cuisine...



Special training in English to have the right to guide groups inside the National Monuments.
Oral exam in front of a Jury. Written exam to assess language level, art history knowledge, with validation of the EU skill points to become a fully licensed national tour guide.

Private Tour guide in Paris

Work Experience

I have been working as an independent tour guide in Paris since 2013. 
Well-trained and devoted to offer a great choice of quality tours as a private tour guide for English speaking clients.


The program is twelve months long, and includes a rapid-fire introduction to French history and art, as well as the skills that will help me structure the perfect visit to Paris for any guest: how to plan a route, how fast to move, how to speak clearly in the noise and confusion of crowded spaces. The training concludes with rigorous, competitive examinations in subject knowledge and English proficiency, with only the top students earning their accreditation.

I received mine in 2011, and immediately joined an international agency and began offering tours of the city.

I now work independently. I now have the freedom to design my own walking tours, highlighting the magical little spots and the hidden gems that I think most special. Speaking of which…

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Academic approach

Art & History during your trip

I will share with you my tips to learn how to read Art in Paris. 

In a form of a private crash course while we walk in Paris streets and museums, we will share a great moment of learning and discussing Art and History.

My approach in examining the art works and the events of History of Paris and France:


I try to gather as much facts from reliable sources and my training in Sorbonne to understand the historical context first & the external events that lead or influenced the creative process of the Artist.

I visit as much as I can the current art exhibits at the best museums of Paris to enjoy but also to follow the Art movement and to stay in line with the common understanding of Art.

I buy and read as much books, novels and hors-séries around the life and the beliefs of the Artist I am exploring.


Then, we will analyse the visual form, the conception, the strategies, the hidden message and the subject or the content of the piece of Art.

We will study the use of materials, the respect of norms and principles such as perspective, proportionality, density, contrast.

We will look at the line, the shape, the colors, the texture and the final composition... and many more.


To stay up to date, I attend seminars in person or web training classes (in French) and live tours (in English) from around the world to get inspired by others findings.


If you contact me with a new mission, a new famous figure you want to learn about or a new custom tour : 

I will listen to your needs carefully, propose ideas, suggest tours adapted to your trip logistics and interests.

When you validate the final draft of your itinerary with me, I will send you a confirmation email with all the details and the PDF invoice with a secure link.


I will be with you by email, whatsapp, or zoom, and of course in person when you come to Paris.


You can send me questions and follow-ups on your trip by Whatsapp. I will help you all along.

My services

I have found a number of ways to help my clients have the best possible experience during their stays.

Every truly excellent tour, I believe, begins weeks or months in advance.

We’ll start with a conversation: what brings you to Paris, what you’ve heard and what you’ve wondered, how much you know (and want to know!) about the city’s long and colorful past.

Once I have a sense of the logistics and of your interests, we’ll come up with a plan. There are three basic options:

Private Guided Tour

Private tours combine the ease and familiarity of a local guide with the expertise of a trained historian. I’ll will meet you in some convenient place, and then we’ll walk along a route that I’ve developed just for you or along one of my classic tours, if those sound like what you’re looking for.

Every guided tour is customized to your party. We’ll move at your pace, dwell on the subjects that appeal to you, and find food, events, and conversation that enrich your journey and make the trip as memorable as it can be.

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Itinerary Planning & Booking

For those who prefer to explore the city unaccompanied, I can offer my expertise in advance.

One option is for me to review your itinerary and make suggestions – perhaps the attractions should be seen in a different order, or you should plan more time for a particular visit, or a small detour might bring you somewhere you weren’t aware of.

Another option is to work with me to develop a detailed itinerary for your dream trip, listing out all the choices and helping you prioritize experiences that will be most valuable to you. Either way, I’ll be able to book the tickets online with my company ID, letting you skip the standard lines.

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Live-Streaming Tour

We have all had to adapt and adjust our working lives over the past two years, and in our case that has meant offering tours remotely.

I use Zoom to stream live video of specially designed walking tour routes, offering historical and cultural commentary, sharing stories, and answering your questions as we go. I’ll book tickets to attractions, skip the lines thanks to my company ID, and show you the highlights of a trip you might not be able to make in person.

The virtual tours work with one person or with fifty; it’s just a question of linking up our Zoom accounts and deciding what you want to see. If you’d prefer, I can even skip the walking tour and deliver a personalized video presentation instead, explaining a fun or interesting subject of your choice.

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B2B & Agents

Travel Agents and startups can contact me by email for my b2b services from Paris

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The visit of a lifetime

Paris is a tapestry of squares, canals, and cobbled streets woven around bright gems of color: fountains, gardens, restaurants as old as empires and museums that hold the memory of entire peoples.

There is no route or map that shows you the city’s soul; it is something that must be discovered for each visitor on their own terms.

As we walk together through Paris’ boulevards and take in its many distinct atmospheres, its grandest sights, and its endless fascinations, you will come to know it in your own way.

Contact Flora

If you would like to find more details about my tours in Paris, please send me a message using the form below and I will answer you.

Thank you for sending me your request. I will answer you shortly. Flora.

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News 2022

Availability & Sanitary protocol

I am available during all 2022 to offer you a memorable tour in Paris.

The sanitary rules are relaxed in France. By March 2022 : French Gov has announcing the "End of Masks" in closed spaces. 

We do not need wear masks inside a restaurant or a café, bar...

Please, book with me in advance to get the best availability in 2022 !