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Pascal & Flora

Passionate tour guides in Paris

We each offer the best private highlight tours in Paris, crafting bespoke options adapted for families or couples. From sweeping all-day tours of the Louvre to specialty tours, we cover every aspect of the place we call home. Interested in Napoleon? Fascinated by the Belle Époque? Love Impressionist paintings? Delight in French cuisine? We have an adventure for you, delivered by the best English-speaking local tour guides in Paris.

About Flora

Native Parisienne & Guide Conférencière

Hello! I’m Flora. 

I was born in Paris, in the central neighborhood of Le Marais, to a mother who herself spent 25 years guiding tours around Paris. She helped me discover my passion for the city when I was very young, and I have been learning ever since.

Flora in front of the National Archives in Paris.jpg

Today, I provide private tours with a team of professional tour guides and private chauffeurs.

We aim to provide the most helpful and the best quality of tour guide services for our guests visiting in Paris.

About Pascal

Private Guide Conférencier

Hello! I’m Pascal.

For the last 7 years I have been giving English-speaking custom tours in Paris. I love my job as a guide conférencier, and it's always a great honor for me to share the treasures of France with visitors. During my tours, I’ll make you feel like a local, giving you a taste of what it is like to be French today.

Pascal Private tour guide

Today, I live and work in Paris. That means I bring a local’s touch to every tour.

I love hosting people in my Airbnb in Nice, France where I became a “Super Host” because I love to treat people the way I want to be treated and I do my best to make my guests feel at home no matter how far they’ve traveled to get here!

From stained glass to Monet to pastries, Paris has so much to offer. When I first moved here, I was so excited. After all, I’d spent my life studying the history of French art — so there was no better place for me to live!


But actually living here has given me such a deep appreciation for the way that everything fits together. Now, I get to share this with others. It’s a dream come true.

Have fun in Paris while learning about its History

I received my education in art history from the University of Nice before getting my license as a Speaker guide. Since then, I’ve become a subject area expert on fascinating topics like Napoleon, Versailles, and even French chocolate!

How to arrange for a private tour guide in Paris ?

The best way to book a private guided tour in Paris is to send your guide a direct email or a message here, one of us will answer you during the day.

Best regards,

Flora & Pascal

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Flora and Pascal stay up-to-date on the arts and culture of Paris, visiting all the latest exhibitions and events at the city's many national museums.

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