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Pompidou Museum
Highlights Tour with Anita

The world of modern and contemporary art awaits you inside a mind-bending building in the heart of Paris. Here, you will meet works by the likes of Picasso, Chagall, Kahlo, Duchamp, Matisse, and more. It all takes place inside the Pompidou Centre on a private tour led by Anita.

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This one-of-a-kind experience gives you total access to some of the most renowned masterpieces of recent history. These are the revolutionary works that still confront our culture and create conversations.


With your knowledgeable and fun tour guide, you’ll be able to explore the stories that inform the art. And you’ll have the deep discussions that help you understand the full meaning of the pieces.


Whether you are an expert yourself or a curious newcomer, this tour of Pompidou will give you insights into one of the world’s greatest collections.

Meet Your Guide Anita

Anita, a seasoned art historian and dedicated guide, is the heart and soul of our Pompidou Tour. With her education and experience introducing groups to this fascinating collection, Anita has an exceptional talent for connecting the dots between the past and the present.


Anita will bring the modern and contemporary works of art alive, with her unique ability to make even the most complex histories and ideas part of an engaging story.

Pompidou center Museum inside the room of Kandinsky.jpg

Pompidou Highlights Tour 2023-2024

Maybe the most exciting part of visiting the Pompidou Centre is knowing that the collection is always changing. That means our Highlights Tour of the Pompidou Museum is always changing, too!


Through the 2023-2024 season, you’ll be able to discover incredible work by some of the most remarkable 20th-century artists, including:

  • Robert Delauney

  • Pablo Picasso

  • Wassily Kandinsky

  • Joan Miró

  • and more!


No matter when you arrive, Anita will guide you through the evolving collection, showing you the threads that trace from the late 19th century through to the present day. You’ll learn about the ever-shifting landscape of modern and contemporary art inside a museum that reflects these ongoing changes.

Pompidou roofs of Paris.jpg

Marvel at the Pompidou Centre’s Architecture: A Work of Art in Itself

Beyond its extraordinary art collection, the Pompidou Centre is an architectural masterpiece. Located beside the Marais, it has become an iconic landmark, not unlike the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. You will understand why as soon as you take in this sprawling center’s eye-popping exterior.


This avant-garde structure — designed by architects Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Franchini — stands as a postmodern masterpiece that turns the concept of a building inside-out.


As part of your tour, Anita will lead you through the building's design. showcasing the daring and innovative features that have made the Pompidou Centre a key building for the development of architecture.

Personalized Experience and Ever-Changing Displays

Our private Pompidou tour with Anita ensures a personalized and intimate experience, allowing you to engage with the art on a deeper level. And the Pompidou Centre's ever-changing displays mean that each visit offers a fresh and exciting encounter with new artistic creations.


Your curiosity and interests always lead the way — so you can enjoy a personalized tour that fits you and your group perfectly.

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Can I skip the waiting Line to Pimpidou with Anita ?

Unfortunately, a licensed tour guide such as Anita can not make you skip the line like in the Louvre.

You need to enter the Pompidou center with Anita using the regular waiting lines if you have your regular tickets or museum pass on you. Thank you for understanding.

Highlights of the Pompidou’s Collection

The displays and the paintings of Pompidou are not always the same every year.

Here are some of our favorites.

Frida Kahlo’s The Frame Pompidou center.jpg

Frida Kahlo’s The Frame (1938)

This is the only work of Kahlo’s in a European museum’s permanent collection. It shows her commitment to presenting autobiographical material through rich symbolism that connects to contemporary and indigenous Mexican traditions. Anita can talk you through the incredible depth that Kahlo achieves through these details.

Mondrian pompidou.jpg

Piet Mondrian’s New York City I (1942)

You have no doubt seen Mondrian’s works somewhere before — either in print or on a coffee mug. But here, you can see one in person. This is a painting that helped solidify the abstract movement as a massive force in the 20th century. Along with the likes of Delauney and Kandinsky (who also have works in the Pompidou), Mondrian helped to liberate painting from representing reality with pieces like this

Mondrian pompidou.jpg
Mondrian pompidou.jpg
Matisse Roumanian Blouse.jpg

Henri Matisse’s The Romanian Blouse - 1940

Matisse is one of the great names in all
of Modernism for a reason. Along with the likes of Pablo Picasso, he helped usher in an
age of exploration on the canvas. In this work, Matisse employs his trademark style to
capture the beauty of Romanian culture, something he did while Nazi forces occupied
the country.

Reserve Your Spot for a Captivating Artistic Journey

Take the chance to take a private tour of the Pompidou Centre with Anita. On this voyage from early modernism to the contemporary moment, you’ll discover the stories and ideas that are still shaping how we create and see artwork.


Contact us now to schedule your private Pompdiou Museum tour!

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