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Louvre Highlights
Guided Tour of the Masterpieces

If you are looking for a highlights tour of the Louvre, we offer a journey where you get up close to the great masterpieces from history. 

You will be led through this eye-opening tour by a guide with over a decade of experience telling the stories behind the Louvre’s artwork in an interesting, engaging, and memorable way.

You get all this and more with a private Louvre Highlights Tour with Pascal!


The Louvre is the most beloved art museum in the entire world. But to really take in everything it offers, you need an expert that can bring you to the must-see works and reveal the hidden secrets lurking beneath the surface of every great painting and sculpture.


In this private tour, you’ll be able to go right in and start taking in the treasures of this legendary collection. It’s the best way to see the Louvre!

Pascal Private tour guide in Louvre Puget Wing 2000px.jpg

Details of the Private Louvre Highlights Tour

  • Guide: Pascal (State-Certified)

  • Length: 2 hours to 3 hours

  • Type: Private tour, Highlights, Masterpieces

  • Skip the Line : Not possible since 2023.

  • Kid-Friendly option

  • Artwork Included:

    • Sphinx of Egypt

    • Venus de Milo

    • Mona Lisa

    • Coronation of Napoleon

    • many more!

Meet Your Tour Guide: Pascal

Pascal lives and works in Paris, and he’s spent years researching the history of arts and culture in this magnificent city. Nos, he is a private tour guide, he combines this expert knowledge with an entertaining presentation and a passion for education. That leads to unforgettable tours!

Pascal private tour guide in the Louvre 2000px.jpg

Pascal attended the University of Nice where he received an education in art history, going on to earn his license as a tour guide. Over more than a decade, he’s developed an in-depth understanding of a wide range of topics in French culture, including:

Fluent English

On any tour in France, you want to make sure that you are getting an insider’s perspective. But you also want to be confident that communication will be smooth, making you feel understood and cared for.


Pascal gives you both a real Parisian perspective and great English fluency. That means talking and listening is always effortless, making your stay in Paris a little bit more like home.


Thanks to his great communication skills, you’ll find Pascal’s private tour of the Louvre are adaptable, humorous, and eloquent. Wherever your curiosity takes you, your guide will be right there to bring you so many interesting insights into the art you see.

Pascal giving a guided tour at the Louvre.jpg
Pascal giving a tour in the Louvre Marie Antoinette.jpg

Fascinating Art History

Because of his large base of knowledge and excellent communication skills, Pascal delivers art history the way it was meant to be told: as the fascinating story that it is!


When you’re on a private art tour of the Louvre with Pascal, you’ll come away with so many eye-opening tales about the art on display. It’s something that makes an impact for people of all ages and interest levels.


Whether you are a connoisseur of art or just curious to see what the Louvre might have to offer, you will leave this private tour with special memories.

More people visit the Louvre in a year than any other art museum worldwide, with millions pouring in to see the unrivaled collection on display. That means there are large crowds and long lines that most people have to deal with.


Luckily, when you take a private tour of the Louvre with a guide, you don’t waste time ambling or fighting through dense crowds. Instead, spend that time taking in more beautiful artwork than you ever thought possible.

Some of the Louvre Masterpieces we will see

The highlights of the Louvre collection include many of the greatest artworks in the history of the world.


The collection has pieces representing artists from around the globe and from several millennia. If you are interested in art, there is plenty to inspire awe in you at the Louvre.


Below, we’ve gathered a handful of the stunning artwork you’ll see on your private tour with Pascal.

Louvre visitors looking at Venus de Milo 2023.jpg

Sculpture : Venus de Milo

This statue comes to us from ancient Greece, and it is recognized as perhaps that culture’s greatest surviving work of art. Standing before it and seeing firsthand how alive the goddess appears, it is easy to see why this has made such a lasting impact.


The sculpture was discovered back in 1820 by a farmer. His unlikely discovery led to major headlines as this masterpiece of antiquity was unearthed. Presented prominently at the Louvre since then, art lovers for generations have passed under the work’s heavenly gaze, gradually increasing its popularity among artists and critics alike.


Today, it is understood as a high point in Classical sculpture. The subtlety and grace, as well as impeccable realism, make it as astonishing today as it must have been more than two thousand years ago when it was first unveiled.

Paintings : Mona Lisa

Among paintings, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa certainly stands as the most famous. Her cryptic smile and mysterious gaze captivate huge crowds that form daily around this work of art at the Louvre.


It is among the final paintings Leonardo worked on, representing the height of skill from the Italian Renaissance’s ultimate master. He obsessively reworked the image for years, never quite finishing it.


Over the course of the 20th century, the painting went from a fairly famous painting to the most well-known image in the world, thanks in part to its theft from the Louvre in 1911 — a massive art heist that eventually ended in the painting’s return to the museum.

See the Mona lisa with Louvre Highlights Tour.jpg
Coronation of Napoleon in the Louvre.jpg

Coronation of Napoleon

Jacques-Louis David is maybe the most French of all artists. He lived and worked during the most tumultuous years in the country’s history, and he painted many of these moments as they happened! His Coronation of Napoleon is a perfect example.


The massive work shows the moment that Napoleon placed the crown on his own head — proclaiming himself Emperor of France. It is a moment of incredible importance in the country's history, and it is rendered in all the drama and pomp one could ever dream of in this painting by David.


This painting cannot be understood without seeing it in person. It towers over the viewer at over 6 meters (more than 20 feet), and every inch is filled with delicious detail.

Contact for a Private Tour of the Louvre

The Louvre simply has too many masterful works of art to see and enjoy without a private tour. That’s why you need to make sure you schedule your own personal experience of this art museum with Pascal.


We eliminate all the headaches — securing your tickets and taking you past the long lines. And Pascal gives you insightful and entertaining information that brings the ultimate art collection to life.


It’s an incredible opportunity to see the Louvre, and it all starts by reaching out today!

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