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Monuments & Paris Highlights
By Bike

What’s more refreshing and exciting than a tour of Paris?

Taking in the incredible architecture and history of this city on a safe bicycle itinerary! That’s why I’ve crafted the Family bike tour of Paris for anyone looking to spend a safe day soaking in the Monuments of the City away from the Cars.


Your Family will see so many landmarks, glide through all the most important neighborhoods, and have the chance to stop and focus on anything that catches your eye.


Don’t worry about preparation — I’ll take care of the bike rental, helmets, and visibility vests. All you need to do is bring your curiosity and love of Paris!

Features of the Guided Bike Tour

  • Begins at a hip café between the Islands and Le Marais

  • Fully private tour — your group gets their own personal guide

  • The perfect way to see Paris during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months

  • An unforgettable family outing

  • Safety is made a top priority

  • Avoid the tourist traps and instead see Paris from the point of view of a real local

  • Customize every stop for a completely bespoke experience fit to your needs and tastes

  • Get a guide with great consideration for Safety, especially for families, trained with excellent communication and English skills, a deep education in the history of Paris, and a lifetime experience living in the city.

Flora guide for bike tour in paris (3).jpg

What You’ll See on the Paris Bike Tour

There are so many places we can explore on the bike tour. Below, I’ve listed a circuit that will make you fall in love with the magic and romance of Paris, but we can go anywhere our feet can peddle us. That’s the freedom of bicycling through the city!

Pantheon Monument Paris by bike.jpg

1. Begin in Le Marais - Saint Gervais

Le Marais is filled with historic mansions and grand parks, yet it is also a place of thriving contemporary culture. Enjoy tremendous views of architecture and shaded gardens while taking in the eternal youth of artists in Paris.


We’ll gather here at a charming café, breathing in the morning air and maybe indulging in a cup of French coffee and a treat before getting started. Afterward, we exit over the Pont Louis Philippe, the famous bridge that crosses over the Seine. It’s a delight on the bike.

woman on a bike in Paris LE Marais.jpg

2. Check Out the Quais

The quays that poke out into the Seine give us a chance to see the oldest parts of the city. Paris began right along the river, and it has remained here for thousands of years.

les quais de PAris seine river Bike tour.jpg

3. Pass Through the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter always thrums with the excitement of university students and cultural events. You can bike past some of the prestigious universities of our city, including the world-class Sorbonne — home to some of our city’s greatest minds and a hotbed of activity during the heady days of May 1968.


Some of the narrow streets are reminiscent of the Paris of a different time — when Medieval monks lectured their students in Latin throughout the neighborhood, giving it its name.

4. Witness the Wonders of Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Saint-Germain-des-Prés comes off of the Seine, filled with legendary cafés, bookstores, publishers, and universities. It is here that the likes of Satre and de Beauvoir met to discuss the burning questions of existentialism.


Because the École des Beaux Arts (also known as the French Academy of Art) was established here, many of the most influential artists of all time have walked along the very streets we will ride our bicycles through. Think of masters like Delacroix, Seurat, and Renoir — you will be riding past their old haunts.


We can also pass by the Odéon, a staggering architectural achievement and home to one of France’s national theaters.

Luxembourg Saint germain des pres Hotel Bike tour Paris.jpg

5. View the Islands in the Seine (the Île de la Cité)

Because they were so easy to defend, the islands inside the Seine have long been the place where royalty lived. That is why the Île de la Cité is home to multiple castles as well as cathedrals.


The history here is grand in scale, and while we bike through it, one can’t help but feel the centuries in the air. Roman governors, Frankish Kings, and later Revolutionaries all ruled from this island. And each ruler left their own mark — as long as you know what to look for!

6. Visit the Incredible Notre Dame

Though it suffered a fire in 2019, many of the restorations are nearing completion. But in spite of the catastrophe, Notre Dame stands as a shining example of French Gothic architecture and the splendor of humanity of a different time.


Taking almost 200 years to complete, this massive wonder has everything you are looking for in a medieval cathedral. There are grand flying buttresses, dizzying levels of decorative detail, and of course its famous rose windows. After almost an entire millennium since construction began in 1163, it has a gripping power that strikes awe in everyone who visits.

Furstemberg eugene delacoix Saint germain des pres Bike tour Paris.jpg

7. Place Dauphine and Pont Neuf

Before we finish with the Île de la Cité, there are still so many things left to see, like the Place Dauphine. This is a square (in the shape of a triangle!) that leads out to the Pont Neuf — another delightful bridge to cross over the Seine.


Along Pont Neuf is the equestrian statue of Henri IV. This work, completed in 1614 by Pietro Tacca (though Italian Renaissance master Giambologna actually began the piece, dying before he could finish). It was Henri IV who initiated the Place Dauphine in honor of his son and future king Louis XIII.

8. Wander the Invalides

Take a break from biking to stroll through the gardens of Invalides. I have a few surprises to show you here!


It was none other than the extravagant Sun King Louis XIV who commissioned the Hôtel des Invalides in 1670. The building housed and cared for wounded soldiers. Today, it is a sprawling labyrinth of museums, gardens, and sculptures.

Les invalides gardens in Paris.jpg

9. Bask in the One-and-Only Eiffel Tower

The Arc de Triomphe stands in the middle of one of the world’s most photographed intersections, the Place Charles de Gaulle, which brings together 12 avenues. This monument honors those souls who fought and died in the French Revolution and in the Napoleonic Wars. It also houses the tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

10. Loop Back by the Arc de Triomphe

We finish our bike tour of Paris by riding past the expansive Louvre — the world’s greatest art museum. Inside its storied halls lies the greatest collection of art ever assembled.


In its courtyard we can see the Louvre Pyramid by I.M. Pei. Like the Eiffel Tower, this structure was controversial when it first debuted, but it has now become an iconic piece of Parisian architecture.

Pyramid of the Louvre.jpg

11. See the Louvre and Its Famous Pyramid

We finish our bike tour of Paris by riding past the expansive Louvre — the world’s greatest art museum. Inside its storied halls lies the greatest collection of art ever assembled.


In its courtyard we can see the Louvre Pyramid by I.M. Pei. Like the Eiffel Tower, this structure was controversial when it first debuted, but it has now become an iconic piece of Parisian architecture.

Possible Add-Ons to the Paris Bike Tour

My guided tours are all about customization. Below, I’ve highlighted a few possible options among so many to add to your experience.

palais royal in Paris during bike tour.jpg

Palais Royal History & the Columns of Buren

Located right next to the Louvre, the Palais Royal is a grand mansion built for the enigmatic and strategic Cardinal Richelieu, and it later hosted the likes of Louis XIII and Louis XIV.


The once highly debated columns of Daniel Buren is an art installation that can be seen in the Cour d’Honneur at the Palais Royal. The street art in this area is also something to behold, likely because the Ministry of Culture now occupies the Palais Royal.

Mondrian pompidou.jpg

Bike Through Rivoli Street

The Louvre sits on the Rue de Rivoli, a street with plenty more to offer us. It is a hub of commerce and boasts fantastic architecture — including the Opera Garnier, the Palais Royal, Haussmann projects, the statue of Joan of Arc, among many others.


And the best part? Only bus and Taxi cars allowed.


To move Paris into the future, this street is going to be pedestrians and bike riders only. That means we can truly take in everything at our own pace!

rivoli bike.jpg
Mondrian pompidou.jpg
Place des vosges by bike.jpg

Linger in the Place des Vosges

At the beginning or end of our tour, we can see the Place des Vosges — the first planned square in Paris. Here in Le Marais, the park serves as a quiet spot to rest before getting ready for our journey or for an evening in the City of Lights.

See Paris on a Bike!

My bike tour emphasizes four key things:

  • Privacy

  • Safety

  • Customization

  • In-depth information

There is nothing more important than Safety and Privacy on a bike tour of Paris : Because the tour is focused on your family, there’s no need for yelling and no unwanted stops. Whatever your group is interested in, we have a chance to stop and talk about it. We can also pause to take pictures of Paris and all its many landmarks.


The bikes are the highest quality, and the routes I plan allow us to go at a leisurely pace, moving safely through the city. Because of the renovations in the city through the last two decades, it has never been easier and safer to ride a bicycle here. So let’s take advantage of it with an adventure!


If you want to see Paris on a bike, make sure to reach out to me by email in advance. Because of the time I spend on every family, my schedule fills up fast. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to show your family Paris!

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